Dawn, Friday in November


I wouldn’t normally post anything like this but I’ve been desperate to write again. Haven’t for months. As you can tell from the lack of posts, I’m having trouble finishing book reviews, even though though I’ve read a few books since the last one I posted. So…just trying to encourage myself. Lately I spend a lot of time up early, outside with my puppy. Today I decided to try to capture the experience in words. 

Dawn lightens the sky like the edge of a crisp white dish sliding over a tablecloth. Not even the birds are up. A glowing disc of a moon illuminates the darkness, stars pinpricks of light punctuating the velvety sky. Brown undergirds the light-torn dome, thick mattress of leaves, scudding dusty earth from which all color has been leached.



Daily Prompt: Shiver

Daily Prompt: Shiver

Her body is a string pulled taut, waiting.

Fingertips like kitten’s feet pad up her spine, then spread, warm, across her upper back.

Her breath catches. Time stills as hands press into her, bone and muscle, the smallest drag of skin against skin, the merest suggestion of strength. Finally—finally—the hands move. With purpose, to please her, with the secret knowledge gained from long acquaintance.

She sighs.

Her body softly loosens as the hands do their work. Quietly, she vibrates in a lower register, a quaver of quick anticipation before resolving on a long, held note.

A low whisper, easier on the ear, pulses between them.